Note:  To be eligible for the payout, buy the stock one day before the Ex-Date.

SymbolCompany NameEx-DatePayout
ACPLAttock Cement Pakistan LimitedOct 10th, 2022Dividend=15%
NRLNational Refinery LimitedOct 10th, 2022Dividend=150%
DYNODynea Pakistan LimitedOct 11th, 2022Dividend=150%
HUBCHub Power Company LimitedOct 11th, 2022Dividend=155%
PAKDPak Datacom LimitedOct 11th, 2022Dividend=60%
DOLDescon Oxychem LimitedOct 11th, 2022Dividend=20%
AGILAgriauto Industries LimitedOct 12th, 2022Bonus=25%
NATFNational Foods LimitedOct 12th, 2022Dividend=100%
THALLThal LimitedOct 12th, 2022Dividend=50%
RUPLRupali Polyester LimitedOct 12th, 2022Dividend=50%
STCLShabbir Tiles & Ceramics LimitedOct 12th, 2022Dividend=15%
ECOPEcopack LimitedOct 13th, 2022Bonus=15%
MCBAHMCB-Arif Habib Savings and Invest LimitedOct 13th, 2022Dividend=10%
DGKCD. G. Khan Cement Co. LimitedOct 13th, 2022Dividend=10%
FIMMFirst Imrooz ModarabaOct 13th, 2022Dividend=55%
FCCLFauji Cement Company LimitedOct 13th, 2022Bonus=12.5%
MACTERMacter International LimitedOct 13th, 2022Dividend=15%
SITCSitara Chemical Industries LtdOct 13th, 2022Dividend=80%
ADMMArtistic Denim Mills LimitedOct 13th, 2022Dividend=20%
BIFOBiafo Industries LimitedOct 13th, 2022Dividend=23%
SEPLSecurity Papers LimitedOct 13th, 2022Dividend=100%
SHEZShezan International LimitedOct 14th, 2022Dividend=50%
NEXTNext Capital LimitedOct 14th, 2022Bonus=15%
HRPLHabib Rice Products LimitedOct 14th, 2022Dividend=40%
FHAMFirst Habib ModarabaOct 14th, 2022Dividend=20%
HMMHabib Metro ModarabaOct 14th, 2022Dividend=4.5%
JKSMJ.K. Spinning Mills LimitedOct 14th, 2022Dividend=20%
OGDCOil & Gas Development Company LimitedOct 14th, 2022Dividend=25%
PSOPakistan State Oil Co. Ltd.Oct 17th, 2022Dividend=100%
STJTShahtaj Textile LimitedOct 17th, 2022Dividend=130%
SURCSuraj Cotton Mills LimiteOct 17th, 2022Dividend=40%
SINDMSindh ModarabaOct 17th, 2022Dividend=12%
PTLPanther Tyres Ltd.Oct 17th, 2022Dividend=10%
PPLPakistan Petroleum LimitedOct 17th, 2022Dividend=5%
PPLPakistan Petroleum Limited (Preference Shares)Oct 17th, 2022Dividend=5%
TOWLTowellers LimitedOct 17th, 2022Dividend=100%
MUREBMurree Brewery Company LimitedOct 17th, 2022Dividend=100%
ASHTAshfaq Textile Mills LimitedOct 18th, 2022Bonus=10%
FMLFeroze1888 Mills LimitedOct 18th, 2022Dividend=29.10%
FUDLMFirst UDL ModarabaOct 18th, 2022Dividend=9%
SAPTSapphire Textile Mills LimitedOct 18th, 2022Dividend=100%
SFLSapphire Fibres LimitedOct 18th, 2022Dividend=100%
KMLKohinoor Mills LimitedOct 18th, 2022Dividend=20%
PRETPremium Textile Mills Ltd.Oct 18th, 2022Dividend=500%
PIMPopular Islamic ModarabaOct 18th, 2022Dividend=3.744%
GTYRGhandhara Tyre & Rubber Company LimitedOct 18th, 2022Dividend=30%
OLPLOLP Financial Services Pakistan LimitedOct 18th, 2022Dividend=20%
ISILIsmail Industries Ltd.Oct 18th, 2022Dividend=40%
BHATBhanero Textile Mills Ltd.Oct 18th, 2022Dividend=715%
BTLBlessed Textiles LimitedOct 18th, 2022Dividend=330%
RCMLReliance Cotton Spinning Mills LimitedOct 18th, 2022Dividend=75%
BERGBerger Paints Pakistan LtdOct 18th, 2022Dividend=40%
FASMFaisal Sinning Mills Ltd.Oct 18th, 2022Dividend=214.5%
GWLCGharibwal Cement LimitedOct 18th, 2022Dividend=10%
CCMCrescent Cotton Mills LimitedOct 18th, 2022Dividend=7.5%
TPLPTPL Properties LimitedOct 18th, 2022Bonus=10%
GVGLGhani Value Glass LimitedOct 18th, 2022Bonus=20%
OTSUOtsuka Pakistan LimitedOct 19th, 2022Dividend=15%
MQTMMaqbool Textile Mills LimitedOct 19th, 2022Dividend=10%
PHDLPakistan Hotels Developers LimitedOct 19th, 2022Dividend=15%
IDSMIdeal Spinning Mills LimitedOct 19th, 2022Dividend=20%
REWMReliance Weaving Mills LimitedOct 19th, 2022Dividend=40%
TOMCLThe Organic Meat Company LimitedOct 19th, 2022Bonus=9.75%
KAPCOKot Addu Power Company LimitedOct 19th, 2022Dividend=40%
OLPMOLP ModarabaOct 19th, 2022Dividend=20%
TGLTariq Glass Industries LimitedOct 19th, 2022Dividend=20%,
NMLNishat Mills LimitedOct 19th, 2022Dividend=40%
NCLNishat (Chunian) Limited.Oct 19th, 2022Dividend=40%
MTLMillat Tractors LimitedOct 19th, 2022Dividend=200%,
ELSMEllcot Spinning Mills Ltd.Oct 19th, 2022Dividend=100%
GOCGOC (Pak) LimitedOct 19th, 2022Dividend=10%
SHFAShifa International Hospitals LimitedOct 19th, 2022Dividend=15%
NAGCNagina Cotton Mills Ltd.Oct 19th, 2022Dividend=100%
PRWMProsperity Weaving Mills LimitedOct 19th, 2022Dividend=50%
CRTMCrescent Textile Mills Ltd.Oct 19th, 2022Dividend=10%
NATMNadeem Textile Mills LimitedOct 19th, 2022Dividend=60%
SNAISana Industries LimitedOct 19th, 2022Dividend=10%
INKLInternational Knitwear LimitedOct 19th, 2022Dividend=7.5%
POMLPunjab Oil Mills LimitedOct 19th, 2022Dividend=20%,
PNSCPakistan National Shipping CorporationOct 20th, 2022Dividend=50%
AIRLINKAir Link Communication LimitedOct 20th, 2022Dividend=10%
AHCLArif Habib Corporation LimitedOct 20th, 2022Dividend=40%
SEARLThe Searle Company LimitedOct 20th, 2022Bonus=25%
HTLHi-Tech Lubricants LimitedOct 20th, 2022Dividend=20%
AWTXAllawasaya Tex. and Weaving Mills Ltd.Oct 20th, 2022Dividend=72.50%
IMAGEImage Pakistan LimitedOct 20th, 2022Bonus=15%
NICLNimir Industrial Chemicals LimitedOct 20th, 2022Dividend=15%
ZTLZephyr Textiles LimitedOct 20th, 2022Dividend=5%
ZAHIDZahidjee Textile Mills LimitedOct 20th, 2022Dividend=10%
WAHNWah Noble Chemicals LimitedOct 20th, 2022Dividend=50%
SSOMS.S.Oil Mills LimitedOct 20th, 2022Dividend=50%
IBLHLIBL HealthCare LimitedOct 20th, 2022Dividend=10%,
SHDTShadab Textile Mills LimitedOct 20th, 2022Dividend=5%
IMAGEImage Pakistan LimitedOct 20th, 2022Bonus=15%
FANMFirst Al-Noor ModarabaOct 24th, 2022Bonus=10%
PREMAAt-Tahur LimitedNov 11th, 2022Bonus=10%